Hey guys! Doing some spring cleaning and wanted to find a good home for these guys before I leave for New York next month! $75 for the One Man’s Trash series and the cutout portrait (framed 16x20), $200 for the Untitled Woman show print (32x42). Hit me up if you’re interested!

Shine On ‘Em

Zara | Dear Seattle, February 2014

A couple months back in February, I got asked to do a video for Zara that captured the essence of Seattle and also covered their “Dear Seattle” opening party. Getting to meet and work with their marketing team was a treat, but even greater was the day me and my dad both played hooky from work so that he could help me get shots around the city. I think my favorite part was when it was freezing and I was getting my last shot from Kerry Park, and my dad tells me “I never knew this could be so fun. What you do is pretty cool.”